Game Plan

Many times, whether you are starting a new business or have an established business that you run with little or no help, it may feel like you are barely above water. Whether you went to school or have the experience or both… you have the skills and knowledge to be rock stars in your industry. So why is it so hard to move your business forward? Maybe it because you are trying to “save money”. Maybe you feel that you can do it all yourself? I have been guilty of this myself.

So why do people who are amazing in their field have businesses that are struggling? A thought that often lingers in my mind is this, “Doctors were educated to be doctors. They were not educated on how to run a business. That is why there are amazing doctors who still have their business go under”.

Something else to consider is that they have no game plan. This is an interesting article, Tactical Planning v Strategic Planning, I found online defining the difference between tactical planning and strategic planning. Does your company have a strategic plan and a tactical plan to move your business forward? If not, then you need to. Creating both a strategic plan (long term) and a tactical plan (short term) can  help you navigate your business to success and keep you focused.

In whatever industry you are in, you should be focused on what you do best. Let someone who is the best at what they do, (business development, marketing, tactical and strategic  planning, for example), do what they do to move your business forward. Think about how your time is best spent. Then spend your time there.


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